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Flexibility is Now the #1 Benefit Employees Expect from Employers


Employees want remote work

According to a recent survey by Robert Half, most employees want their employer to offer remote working options.


Would quit if not offered remote

A significant proportion of employees are planning to leave organizations who don’t offer remote & hybrid flexibility.


Now prioritize health over work

Research from Microsoft shows employees are prioritizing their health & wellbeing over their work commitments

The Complete Toolkit for Successfully Running a Hybrid Workplace

Bridge the gap between employee aspirations for freedom & flexibility with your need for transparency and accountability. 

Employee Scheduling Apps

Employees submit their preferred work schedules, and indicate where and when they’ll be working, from a mobile app or web portal.

Real-Time Hybrid Analytics

 Track employee working status, location, reasons for not working, and scheduled hours effortlessly, while respecting privacy.

Enable Team Members to Manage & Submit Their Preferred Schedules

Eliminate the chaos and reduce HR overhead with self-serve scheduling tools for employees.


Boost efficiency & reduce workloads by enabling employees to manage their own schedules.

Set Working Hours

Complete control over working hours, which can be set at the organization, location or individual level.

Shared Schedules

Give team members the ability to see each others planned schedules to improve intra-team efficiencies.


Give Team Leaders Real-Time Attendance & Presence Analytics​

Streamlined Hybrid Workflows

Gain full visibility into your team’s hybrid schedules, eliminating scheduling chaos. Our module empowers leaders with real-time attendance and presence analytics, ensuring everyone is on the same page about when and where team members are working.

Enhanced Productivity

Boost team productivity by eradicating schedule-related confusion. With our module, you can make data-driven decisions, optimize work allocation, and ensure that remote and in-office work seamlessly align with business needs.

Empower Leadership Teams

Equip team leaders with the tools they need to excel. Our module enhances leadership capabilities by providing clear insights into team schedules, enabling better resource management and fostering a more productive and accountable workforce.


Managing employee attendance can help you improve productivity, stop time theft, optimize resource allocation &  streamline work schedules.


Having access to employee presence status makes hybrid & remote work more effective, ensures accountability and fosters collaboration.

Trial Hybrid Schedule for 30 Days - Risk Free

Ready to experience the future of hybrid and flexible workplaces? Contact us and we’ll let you test drive it for a month.


See the Live Work Status For Every Employee

Enhanced Visibility & Productivity

Our hybrid schedule management module equips leaders with real-time insights into employee schedules, work locations, and status. This transparency drives higher productivity and ensures teams are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

A Rich Employee Profile That's Always Current

360-Degree Employee Perspective

Unlock a comprehensive 360-degree view of each employee. From their work performance and health status to personalized services and communication history, our rich profiles provide a holistic perspective, empowering informed decision-making and fostering employee-centric strategies.

Effortless Compliance and Reporting

Simplify HR compliance and reporting tasks. Our centralized profiles ensure all relevant employee data is readily available, streamlining processes and saving you valuable time while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Dynamic Profile

Our rich employee profiles evolve over time, serving as an invaluable audit trail for unforeseen events. Track performance improvements, health fluctuations, and communication history in one, centralized place.


Look Into the Future with Resource Forecast

Strategic Workforce Optimization

Seamlessly plan for the future. Our module provides past, current, and future schedule data, enabling leaders to strategically align resources with business demands. Whether it’s managing hybrid work arrangements or optimizing office spaces, you’ll have the insights needed to plan ahead intelligently.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Empower your workforce to have a say in their work schedules. With our module, employees can contribute to shaping their work hours, fostering a sense of control and satisfaction that translates to higher engagement and morale.

Conflict Visualization and Prediction

Our resource forecast module provides a clear visual representation of potential scheduling conflicts, allowing you to predict and mitigate them in advance. Ensure your workforce remains harmonious, with fewer disruptions and smoother operations.

Read More About Hybrid & Flexibility

A curated collection of resources for people leaders. Quickly catch up on the latest news, research and analysis about the people management space.  

Ready to Level Up People Management?

Let us show you how you can easily & affordably create a highly desirable workplace where employees thrive.

How Much is Employee Turnover Costing You?

Use this handy calculator to better understand the potential cost of employee turnover for your organization.

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