Foster Real Connection & Drive Organic Engagement

Create a great work culture, foster real connection between team members and create an inclusive company where everyone feels like they belong.

Employee Engagement is Correlated to Wellbeing & Corporate Profitability


Avg Engagement Rate in US

In 2023, employee disengagement hit 9-year high. Many are actively disengaged but most are simply indifferent.


Were More Profitable

Companies in the top quartile of engagement see 23% higher profitability, compared to those that are less engaged.


Total who saw improvement

Majority of remote employees saw improved well-being, were happier and had decreased stress levels.


On Demand Experts & Coaches

Accessible Expertise on Demand

Elevate your employees’ well-being effortlessly. Our coaching module connects your workforce with experts spanning various domains, fostering learning, growth, and productivity. Accessible anytime, anywhere, it’s like having a team of specialists at your fingertips.

Cost-Effective Employee Support

Maximize ROI on employee development. By offering cost-effective group coaching through our marketplace, you’re not only saving on individual coaching costs but also enhancing productivity and reducing turnover, making every investment count.

Enhance Recruitment and Retention

Attract and retain top talent with comprehensive employee support. Showcase our diverse coaching offerings as part of your benefits package, demonstrating your commitment to employee growth and well-being, and strengthening your position as an employer of choice.

Activity Feed

The activity feed helps team members stay connected and engaged with everything happening in the organization.

User Profiles

Employees can express their personalities and share their interests. This helps them connect with like-minded colleagues.

Employee Directory

Team members can easily find and connect with colleagues they know, or discover new colleagues across the world.


Our follower feature helps employees stay updated on posts from colleagues and coaches they most care about.


Employees can join or create communities around shared interests, connecting with others and collaborating more efficiently.


Everyone can stay informed and in the loop with customizable notifications, boosting overall engagement.


A Whole New Way to Communicate with and Between Teams

Say Goodbye to Email Updates

Keeping everyone on the same page has traditionally required significant time from HR teams. With Community, employees can connect with each other and their organization through multiple self-serve tools.

Avoid Slack Silos

Slack and other collaboration software is ideal for smaller teams who are collaborating on projects. To build a great culture which includes everyone, Community is the much better option.

Support Hybrid & Remote Employees

Level the playing field between on-site, hybrid and remote teams. Everyone can connect with each other easily in the employee Community, wherever they are.


Employees can post to the main company feed or just to the groups they have joined. Others can react or post comments.

1:1 & Group Messaging

Team members can send and receive private or group messages with each other or with experts/coaches in the community.


Our discussions feature helps employees spark insightful conversations and connect with other colleagues and coaches.


Spark Meaningful Engagement Retain Institutional Knowhow

Unlock Knowledge Sharing

Empower your employees to share expertise and learn new skills through workshops led by external experts. Boost cross-team collaboration and innovation effortlessly.

Elevate Skill Development

Provide a seamless platform for employees to access valuable workshops, fostering continuous learning and personal growth. Expand skill sets and enhance career opportunities.

Fuel Professional Growth

Enable your workforce to stay ahead in their careers by attending diverse workshops. Cultivate a culture of learning, resulting in motivated, skilled, and engaged employees.

Event Calendar

Team members can view upcoming events and details for each event, including any resources shared by the host.

Event Booking

Employees can reserve seats for each event and get notifications prior to the start of the event.

Host Events

Deliver physical, virtual or hybrid events easily. Events can live streamed via Zoom, Google Meeting or Microsoft Teams.

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How Much is Employee Turnover Costing You?

Use this handy calculator to better understand the potential cost of employee turnover for your organization.

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