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How you implement your hybrid work policies will determine how much you will save. Depending on your size and approach, the significants can be significant. We can help you make hybrid a real success. Speak to a specialist to learn more.
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Assumptions & Notes

Real Estate

If desk sharing is in place, the savings is the office space for the number of days where remote work is allowed; e.g., if one day of remote work is allowed, 20% of the office space can be saved. Furthermore, we assume only 90% of the savings will actually be realized to account for people who need to come in every day, change of plans, office presence, etc.

Average Square Foot of office per person

Assume 25 sqft. 

Call centre 20 sqft Desk + secondary surface 25 sqft, Executive 70 sqft


Lease cost of office space

Assume $40

Toronto Downtown: $41.90  Vancouver Downtown $51.50  Vancouver Periphery $33.90  Montreal Downtown $28 




We assume only 50% of days absent would be avoided if hybrid working allowed.

Employee Retention

We assume that for those employees for whom hybrid is a Must, only 70% will actually leave (and therefore incur lost productivity during onboarding). Furthermore, the more remote days allowed, the more the savings.

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