Get Your Online Business Goals In Order

Connect with other online tools you’re already using to reach your goals and track your progress every step of the way. PageBolt does this for you in a way that’s simple, straightforward, and only takes five minutes a day.

The Power of Your Social Media Data with Our Analytics

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Track, Measure, Reach Your Goal Success

Start taking control of your future today and reach your full potential with goal tracking.

Visual Progress Tracker

See your progress at a glance with our visual progress tracker, which helps you stay motivated and on track.

Data Insights

Get insights into your goal-setting and progress, so you can make informed decisions and reach your goals faster.

Track Your Goals, Reach Your Destination

With our goal tracking platform, you can stay organized and motivated on your journey towards success.

A Secure, Private, Modular, Customizable Platform

Meet the people management platform built to meet the demands of the emerging workplace and the rigours of securely managing tens of thousands of employees across multiple time zones.

Create campaigns that converts high.

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Send bulk emails to your customers fast.

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Integrate with popular tools without hassle.

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Live Experts & Coaches

Supercharge your team’s performance and productivity with help from a wide range of business, lifestyle & wellness coaches. Enable experts to join groups within community to spark discussions, run workshops and provide 1:1 support to any employee who needs it.

Expert Marketplace

Effortlessly discover, choose, and secure expert services tailored precisely to your team’s unique needs and requirements

1:1 Coaching

Empower employees to choose a coach and kickstart personalized 1:1 interaction, all within the community platform.


Ignite and empower employees through dynamic, expert-led workshops spanning a diverse range of captivating subjects.

Give Employees Flexibility, While Ensuring Compliance With Telework Policies

Our Hybrid Scheduling Module enables organizations to meet the growing demands for flexibility in where and when work gets done. It creates better work-life balance for employees, while providing leaders with policy controls and visibility into telework effectiveness.

Schedule Off-Time

Customize your work-life balance with Off-time Settings in our hybrid schedule management app for employees.

Schedule Submission

Employees can easily create & submit their work schedules, including absences (with reasons) with Schedule Set & Submit in the app.

Availability Forecaster

Stay on top of of your team’s availability with the Employee Availability Forecaster in our hybrid scheduling module.

Real-Time Dashboard

The Hybrid Scheduling module empowers managers with real-time status and insights for each team member.


All your business finances, in one app

At FinFlow, we understand that every business needs a reliable and efficient payment processing system to succeed. Our payment solutions are designed to make payment processing simple, secure, and cost-effective. Here are some of the features:

Online Payment Processing

Securely accept payments through your website.

Our payment solutions can be easily integrated with your website, online store, or mobile app, allowing you to accept payments seamlessly.

Mobile PoS System

Process transactions with our portable and easy-to-use POS systems.

We offer a wide range of payment options, including credit/debit cards, online banking, and e-wallets, to ensure that your customers can pay using their preferred method.

Invoices & Billing Software

Send invoices and accept payments with ease using our user-friendly software.

Our payment solutions are equipped with advanced fraud prevention tools that detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, keeping your business and customers safe.

From Hybrid to Burnout, We Solve The Biggest People Challenges in the Modern Workplace

See how a state-of-the-art, modular platform can give you the insights and the tools to address your biggest people challenges.

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Real-Time Employee Dashboard

People Insights

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