Offer Every Employee Personalized Support

Lower human capital & benefits costs with a proactive approach to improving employee physical, emotional, mental & financial wellbeing.

Mental Health is now the #1 Reason for Workplace Disability Claims


Employees want more support

Majority of managers and employees experiencing burnout, but most don’t use mental health benefits



Feeling lonely & isolated

4 out of 5 employees are expressing that they feel isolated from their colleagues and organization 


Now prioritize health over work

Research from Microsoft shows employees are prioritizing their health & wellbeing over their work commitments


Key Employee Health Analytics, At Your Fingertips

Enhanced Wellbeing Oversight

Maintain visibility into the wellbeing of your workforce. Our Wellness Dashboard empowers executives and team leaders to proactively support employees facing health challenges, fostering a compassionate and caring organizational culture.

Reduced Operational Disruptions

Minimize operational disruptions with real-time insights on employees who might be off sick or disability. By identifying health-related issues at individual, department, or location levels, our dashboard equips you to implement timely solutions, ensuring business continuity and employee satisfaction.

Improved Cost Management

Optimize resource allocation and reduce healthcare costs. The Wellness Dashboard enables executives to identify trends in health-related matters, allowing for data-driven decisions that benefit both employees and the bottom line.


Easily Manage Incidents, Onboarding & Every Other Employee Milestone

Streamline Employee Life Events

Empower your HR team and department heads to efficiently manage critical employee life events. Our case management module simplifies processes, reduces bottlenecks, and ensures that weddings, promotions, retirements, and more are handled seamlessly.

Enhanced Visibility and Accountability

Gain real-time visibility into the progress of each case. Executives can easily track cases’ statuses, ensuring accountability and reducing the risk of forgotten or delayed actions, ultimately saving time and costs.

Accelerate Return to Work

Expedite the resolution of employee issues, whether it’s an injury or onboarding. By collaboratively managing cases, you can ensure employees feel valued, cared for, and quickly return to work, boosting morale and productivity across your organization.

Template Library

Our Case Management module comes pre-packaged with a selection of templates to help your ops teams get started immediately.

Create Your Own

Ops teams can modify existing templates or create custom templates to address the unique needs of your organization.

Faster Completion

When teams can collaborate and work together on tasks lists, they can cut the time needed to complete cases, in half.

Real-Time Reporting

Managers and executives can track the status of how well ops teams are performing with real-time dashboards.


Offer Personalized Services As Unique as Every Employee

Tailored Employee Support

Empower your employees to select the support they truly need. Our personalized services marketplace ensures every employee receives tailored benefits, enhancing satisfaction, and fostering loyalty.

Effortless Procurement for Employers

Simplify procurement with our vetted vendor marketplace. Say goodbye to complex contracts and paperwork. Enable services with ease, and streamline billing into a single, manageable cost, saving time and resources.

Comprehensive Services Menu

Access a wide array of services to cater to diverse employee needs – from home care and childcare to pet sitting and beyond. Provide holistic support that strengthens work-life balance and well-being, ultimately enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.


Connect Employees to Counsellors

Multilingual & Culturally-Sensitive

Offering a multi-lingual and culturally sensitive counseling service to employees is an invaluable investment in their well-being. It ensures that every member of your diverse workforce can access support tailored to their unique needs, fostering a culture of inclusivity and care. 

Online Booking & Consultation

With the convenience of online booking and a choice between in-person and virtual consultations, employees can seek help on their terms, promoting mental health and work-life balance.

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How Much is Employee Turnover Costing You?

Use this handy calculator to better understand the potential cost of employee turnover for your organization.

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