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Mental Health is now the #1 Reason for Workplace Disability Claims


 Burnt Out

Majority of managers and employees experiencing burnout, but most don’t use mental health benefits



Don’t Feel They Can Speak with their Employer

Most employees don’t feel safe speaking to their employer about their mental health challenges



Now Prioritize Their Health over Work

Majority of employees now want to work for an employer who values their health & wellbeing


From Hybrid to Burnout, We Solve The Biggest People Challenges in the Modern Workplace

See how a state-of-the-art, modular platform can give you the insights and the tools to address your biggest people challenges.

Address your most pressing people challenges

The workplace revolution has ushered in a host of new challenges for business leaders. It’s time to rethink how you manage your most precious asset – your people.

Recruit The Right Talent

Build your dream team by creating a workplace culture which attracts bright, talented people to your organization.

Retain Your Best People

Leverage data-driven approaches to retain your best people. Create a company which high performance employees thrive in.

Offer Personalized Benefits

Give your employees the assistance they really want and need, and discover significant savings in the process.

Keep Employees Engaged

Create a dynamic workplace culture which keeps employees engaged, motivated and aligned with your corporate goals.

Foster a Healthy Work Culture

Our solution combines tools and experts to help you create a workplace culture which inspires & empowers.

Create Real Community

Even as people disconnect from the physical office, our solution ensures teams feel a sense of connection and belonging.

Offer Flexible Work Options

Embrace the future of work with hybrid scheduling tools that meet employee demands, while maintaining control and visibility.

Reduce Team & Manager Burnout

Tackle the root causes of team burnout by fostering a work culture in which work-life balance becomes everyone’s north star.

Arm Managers With New Tools

Enable managers to elevate their team’s overall performance with data-driven insights and easy-to-action tools.

Improve Internal Communications

Promote greater transparency and trust with powerful communication features, including posts, discussions & broadcasts.

Prepare for Emergencies

Plan for unexpected emergencies and take timely actions to reduce downtime, protect employees and ensure business continuity.

Unlock Employee Potential

Boost productivity by providing employees with peer and professional support, wherever they are, whenever they need.

A Secure, Private, Modular, Customizable Platform

Meet the people management platform built to meet the demands of the emerging workplace and the rigours of securely managing tens of thousands of employees across multiple time zones.

Expect More Than Engagement

Don’t merely settle for engagement. Empower, inspire and enlist teams behind your most ambitious initiatives.

Build Meaningful Connections With & Between Employees

Create a strong sense of shared purpose in your employees by leveraging social communication tools which they already know. Give every team member access to a secure space where they can explore, discover, learn and share what matters to them most, with all their colleagues.

Give Everyone Instant Access to World-Class Experts

Our Community module includes a marketplace that is pre-populated with experts and coaches on health, wellness, productivity, leadership and much more. Select and activate as many as you want with just a few clicks.

Leverage the Full Potential of Peer Support

Harness the power of peer support to drive collaboration and innovation. Empower your team to learn from one another, facilitate resource sharing, build morale and unlock their individual and collective potential. Best of all, it happens completely organically.

Success Starts With Wellness

For others, employee wellness is the goal. For us, it’s the jet fuel that produces profound levels of personal and professional accomplishment.

Case Management Which Reduces HR Workloads & Employee Downtime

Get employees the care they need, when they need it, so they can get back to work faster and minimize the impacts of their absence. Our care management module simplifies life for HR teams by spreading the workload and keeping everyone on the same page.

Coaching Which Drives Meaningful Behavioural Changes

Our wellness professionals offer comprehensive, personalized support to help your employees address a wide range of health and wellbeing challenges, helping them lead healthier, happier lives and to be more productive at work.

Personalized Services As Unique as Every Employee

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all benefits packages. One employee wants gym membership discounts, another wants extra vacation time. Our personalized approach delivers unique benefits tailored to each employee’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Realize significant savings and keep your team motivated by giving everyone the benefits they need.

Powerful Tools to Effectively Manage Hybrid Employees

We make it easier than ever for you to empower your team members with the direction, tools and support they need to excel as people and as employees.

Manage Hybrid & Remote Workers

Our hybrid scheduling module gives employees the flexibility they want, and attain a harmonious balance between their work and home life. It provides employers the visibility, transparency and accountability they need that work is happening in accordance with corporate telework policies. It’s a win-win.

Celebrate the Hard Work Behind Every Achievement

Elevate morale, foster a sense of team spirit and boost productivity by fostering a culture which recognizes and acknowledges the hard work that went into the achievement of every small win and every major victory. Keep everyone motivated by showing you care about the efforts, big and small, that employees make to help each another succeed.

Make Virtual Work Much More Effective With the Right Tools

Avoid operational chaos by enabling employees to provide visibility into when and where they are working. When they aren’t, give them the ability to submit reasons and durations. Get real-time views with easy-to-use dashboards.

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