Experience the Future of Work

Meet the integrated people platform built to help executives lead remote, hybrid and on-site teams with confidence, clarity and ease. 

Effectively Manage a Distributed Workforce

Give your teams the flexibility to work how they want, in accordance with your telework policies, while maintaining accountability and transparency.

Get the Most out of Hybrid & Remote Work

Our hybrid scheduling module gives employees the flexibility they want, allowing them to pursue a harmonious balance between their work and home life. It provides employers the visibility, governance and accountability they need to ensure flexible work arrangements are providing the benefits organizations want.

Plan Ahead with Resource Forecasting

Unlock the power of our scheduling tool with employee-preferred schedules. Gain valuable insights through our forecast report, empowering employers with optimized resource allocation, reduced conflicts, and heightened workplace efficiency.

Make Virtual Work Much More Effective With the Right Tools for Employees and Managers

Avoid operational chaos by enabling employees to provide visibility into when and where they are working. With self-serve tools, team members can set their preferred work schedules and submit reasons for absences. Team leaders can become more effective at managing distributed teams with real-time insights & easy-to-use dashboards.

Drive Engagement & Create Connection

Don’t merely settle for annual surveys. Build a real community where employees feel welcome and included.

Build Meaningful Connections With & Between Employees

Create a strong sense of shared purpose in your employees by leveraging social communication tools they are already familiar with. Give every team member access to a secure space where they can explore, discover, learn and share what matters to them most, with all their colleagues.

Celebrate the Hard Work Behind Every Achievement

Elevate morale, foster a sense of team spirit and boost productivity by fostering a culture which recognizes and acknowledges the hard work that went into the achievement of every small win and every major victory.

Leverage the Full Potential of Peer Support

Harness the power of peer support to drive collaboration and innovation. Empower your team to learn from one another, facilitate resource sharing, build morale and unlock their individual and collective potential. Best of all, it happens completely organically.

Improve Employee Health & Wellbeing

Lower absenteeism and reduce losses from long-term disability claims with powerful, proactive wellness tools.

Case Management Which Reduces HR Workloads & Employee Downtime

Dramatically improve the overall employee experience while simplifying internal HR processes with a collaborative case management module. Use the built-in best practices templates or build your own. Streamline onboarding, transfers, promotions and much more, with one simple solution.

Coaching Which Drives Meaningful Behavioural Changes

Wellness professionals from within our marketplace offer comprehensive, personalized support to help your employees address a wide range of health and wellbeing challenges, helping them lead healthier, happier lives and be more productive at work.

Personalized Services As Unique as Every Employee

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all benefits packages. One employee wants gym membership discounts, another wants extra vacation time. Our personalized approach delivers unique benefits tailored to each employee’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Realize significant savings and keep your team motivated by giving everyone the benefits they need.

Read More About People Management

A curated collection of resources for people leaders. Quickly catch up on the latest news, research and analysis about the people management space.  

Ready to Level Up People Management?

Let us show you how you can easily & affordably create a highly desirable workplace where employees thrive.

How Much is Employee Turnover Costing You?

Use this handy calculator to better understand the potential cost of employee turnover for your organization.

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Services Marketplace

Offer Personalized Benefits As Unique As Every Employee. Select A Provider, Purchase The Service And Make It Available To Selected Employees.

Flexible Scheduling for Hybrid Employees

Give Employees Work Flexibility, While Maintaining Visibility, Getting Accountability & Enforcing Telework Policies.

Real-Time Employee Dashboard

Improve decision-making with accurate, up to date employee information. Improve operational efficiency with the right tools.

People Insights

Get An Easy To Understand Scorecard And Detailed, Actionable Insights Across 6 Critical Dimensions Of Work And Life For Your Employees. 

Employee Work & Location Status

Give team members tools to submit their work status & custom dashboard to team leaders with accurate analytics.

Hybrid Scheduling

Give Employees Work Flexibility, While Maintaining Visibility, Getting Accountability & Enforcing Telework Policies